Welcome to the Richland Airport Master Plan Project

The Port of Benton, who owns and operates the Richland Airport, has initiated an update of its Master Plan. The master-plan process includes analyzing existing and projected airport uses, roles and facilities to ultimately provide effective direction for short- and long-term development, aid with regional planning, stay in compliance with FAA design standards and help connect the community.

Public outreach is a key part of the planning process. The Plan is developed in collaboration with Port of Benton stakeholders, including Federal and State agencies, airport users, tenants, and the Richland area community to truly understand and plan for the needs of those who use and are affected by the aviation activities.

The final product is an extensive document which includes a 20-year Capital Improvement Plan. (See the existing Plan HERE). The update is anticipated to be complete by fall 2021.

Planning documents will be posted on this site for review.

REPORTS - Plan Documents and Presentations.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - Opportunities for general public to offer input at critical points in the process.

SCHEDULE - Project timelines and milestones

VISUALS/INTERACTIVE MAPS - Project visuals depicting an inventory of the Richland Airport, existing obstructions, alternatives for aviation development.

RESOURCES - Important manuals and guidelines used to guide the process

Questions and Comments:

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